Hi! I’m Katrina and welcome to Hart Retreats.

A space I created for women to escape the busyness of daily life and simply be.

I believe there is a way to live life without the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout.

Our retreat experiences invite you on a soulful journey to reconnect with yourself so that you can step back into your life again with fresh new energy filled with self-love, purpose and joy.

Our retreats provide a deeply healing and transformative journey to help breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and old stories that are holding you back from living your life on purpose. We support you where you’re at and help you step into the next beautiful chapter of your life book, feeling rested and relaxed and having reconnected to your inner strength, playfulness and femininity.

Over the last four years I have sat with hundreds of women who have shared with me the same familiar story, how exhausting it is to juggle all the balls and how hard it is to keep up with the competing devotions of being a woman. From these conversations, it was clear how much women were suffering.

I have questioned why so many women feel trapped by the endless cycle of exhaustion, overwhelm, burnout and disconnection and why women find it so hard to prioritise themselves and practice self-care.

It’s my mission to help women feel differently about themselves. To help them rediscover a whole sense of self.

A place to find peace and purpose, to let go, and find their way back to fulfilment and joy.

Our retreats are designed to give you time and space to nurture your whole being – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – so that you can  live in alignment with your true self. 

My own life journey has not been an easy one, from being diagnosed with breast cancer twice in 2010 and again in 2021 and then losing my husband very suddenly in 2022 , to now being a solo parent to my two young childen, I know first hand the importance of looking after yourself through life’s challenges and that it is possible to find joy and happiness, regardless of what life decides to throw at you.

I love holding space for women on retreat and sharing the benefits of slowing down and finding stillness in a very busy and distracted world.

I wholeheartedly believe that mindfulness and self-love is the secret sauce to living life with more joy, vitality, and abundance and I’m grateful that I can share the wisdom and insights from my own experiences and training with others.  

Now more than ever, the world needs women to feel their best, not just for themselves but for the next generation. It’s time for women to rise and create a world where we all feel seen, supported, understood and celebrated.

I hope you will have the chance to join us and experience the magic of one of our retreats.

With love, 


“Three years ago I had an idea of creating a space for women to come and escape the busyness of their daily lives. I believe it’s through stillness, and a state of being rather than doing, we can find clarity and gain a greater understanding of who we truly are.”

My idea started as a single day retreat and quickly evolved to include various unique women’s retreat experiences in several inspiring locations. Over the last two years, over 200 women have followed that call within and joined me on retreat.

It’s always such an honour to hold space for women to find that inner peace and reconnect with themselves. Something beautiful happens when women come together. So much healing can happen in a short space of time and I have witnessed incredible breakthroughs and transformations that only a retreat journey offers. 

I hope you will have the chance to join us and experience  the magic of Hart Retreats.


Hart Retreats delivers retreat experiences for women looking to reconnect with themselves and live life with more peace, joy and fulfilment. Our mission is to create a safe space where women can reconnect with themselves, end the cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm and transform into the greatest expression of themselves.

Hart Retreats acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land where we gather on retreat. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.