Tuesday 21 March

8.00pm – 9.00pm (AEST)


It’s time to honour life’s rhythms and cycles and reconnect with your feminine energy of pausing, resting and reflecting. 

As women, we have done a fantastic job at adapting in a culture that is heavily focused on the masculine traits of overdoing, over producing and over giving.

In the process we have lost a part of ourselves.

We self silence, we become agreeable and put our needs to the bottom of the pile.

We have been conditioned to believe that our success comes from doing more, having more and giving more of ourselves to everyone else. We fill our time to please others and the more we do and the faster we do it, the more worthy we become. Our self worth becomes closely tied to how much we achieve and how much of ourselves we give to others. 

Women are cyclical beings, we were never meant to live at such a fast pace, but that is exactly how we have been conditioned to live on this treadmill of life, which just seems to just get faster and faster as the months and years go by, with more pressure, more expectations and more stress, worry, anxiety and overwhelm. We move at such a pace that we fear slowing down, to pause and find stillness. 

And in all our busyness we can easily let life’s beautiful moments pass us by. We lose touch with the very essence of what makes us whole, we lose touch with ourselves, our joy, our energy and our vitality and the beauty of life as a whole. 

It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to shift our focus from the masculine traits of doing and achieving, and shift to our feminine energies of being, resting and pausing.


A monthly ritual to help you pause, get intentional about your life and the things in it, gain some wisdom and insights and an opportunity to ask yourelf what you’re ready to invite into your life.

Your Monthly Reset is intentionally set around each New Moon, a beautiful time to set intentions and start planting seeds for the future. When you think about what’s happening during a New Moon phase, the Moon disappears from the night sky. It’s a time of darkness. It’s when you plant the seed, and you leave it to germinate. Eventually, the seed will sprout when the next cycle come around.

Your Monthly Reset is your opportunity to rest, drop the heavy load you’ve been carrying and consciously set intentions for the month ahead that put you in the driver’s seat of your life. 

It’s a window for getting to know yourself better.

This is your opportunity to take a pause once a month and consciously connect with yourself and a group of like-minded women.

This is your opportunity to take a deep breath and breathe out all the heaviness, pressure, and expectations that you’ve been carrying around like a heavy backpack and breathe in all the possibilities for the future.

When you feel exhausted and depleted, you try to give to others what you need yourself. This turns into anger, resentment, exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm. We self-silence and don’t speak up for what we need. 

When you focus on yourself and create a life that is centered around your rhythms and cycles, you can sustain and balance your energy and you will feel healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. 

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first. It means me too. 

When we shift from doing more to pausing more, we restore the balance by sensing more clearly the things that nourish us vs those things that deplete our inner resources. 

When we take time to pause and reset, we gain the clarity to bring our intentions and actions back in alignment with our true selves.

Just like you cannot force a flower to continually open and bloom all year round, the same is true for human beings.

All life needs time to pause and breathe itself back into fullness,  where we can reconnect with our inherent nature. There is extraordinary value in regularly pausing, finding stillness and retreating inwards. It’s where we birth new ideas, get creative and find a flow to life with grace and ease.

Are you ready to join a group of like-minded women who are committed to reconnecting to the beautiful rythms and cycles of life?  

Your Reset Session includes:


  • Guided meditation to help let go of the heaviness you’ve been carrying
  • Group discussion around a particular topic of interest
  • Self-reflection and journaling 
  • Setting an intention and a commitment for the month ahead
  • Closing meditation  

Your investment is $20 for the 1 hour session.

Your Monthly Reset is a ritual to invite you into a space of remembering that you’re more than just doing the mundane. An opportunity to connect to your beautiful feminine qualities that tend to get forgotten in our masculine driven world. A ritual to help you get clear of your intentions and how you want your life to be.

During our session we ask ourselves questions like:

“What do I want to bring into my life?”

“What do I need to feel fulfilled?”

We then turn that desire into an intention for the month ahead. 

Your Monthly Reset is a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of accountability and a little bit of wisdom, and an opportunity to become more conscious and mindful of your life and everything in it.

This is your place to connect, learn and grow. To share your struggles and challenges, to reconnect to your passions, dreams and desires and feel inspired. To gain new insights, to shift perspective, so you can live a life of purpose, joy and true fulfillment.

A place where we are reminded that we are not alone on this journey through life. 

The next Monthly Reset is Tuesday 21 March @ 8pm AEST