Mindfulness Day Retreat – May 2023

Temple Retreat Pullenvale
Sunday 21 May 2023
8.30am – 4.30pm


Do you wish you could step off the treadmill of life and  just stop?

It’s time to take a day out for yourself.

To pause and drop all the heaviness, pressure and expectations you carry day to day, and be able to rest your mind and body, give your nervous system a chance to reset,  restore your energy and renew your overall sense of wellbeing.

You will learn valuable tools on how to harness your own energy so you can better manage the ups and downs of life.

You will leave feeling relaxed, reenergised and inspired for what’s to come next. 

 Your day includes:

  • Restorative Yoga to calm the nervous system 
  • Morning tea,  lunch and afternoon tea
  • Guided meditation and visualisation to promote relaxation and bring clarity and focus 
  • Mindfulness and grounding practices in nature 
  • A crystal bowl sound meditation to balance your body’s energy systems 
  • Letting go ceremony to release anything no longer serving you 
  • Plenty of time to relax, nourish,  reset and renew and enjoy Temple Retreat’s 10 acre property. Bring a book and enjoy plenty of ME time 
  • Optional extra –  30min massage


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