Mummy’S SELF-CARE retreat

21-22 November 2020
Temple Retreat, Pullenvale

Are you in need of some nourishment, deep nurturing and peaceful relaxation?

Join us for the ultimate weekend self-care retreat to help you restore your inner peace and calm.

This overnight luxury retreat will be held at the stunning Temple Retreat, situated on 10 acres surrounded by bushland in Pullenvale.

Together we will enjoy an overnight stay and a full 2 days of nourishment and self care, including yoga and meditation practices, a massage, creative workshops, an abundance of organic and healing foods, activities to help you realign areas of your life so you can gain the clarity to design a breathtaking life of joy, fulfillment, and perpetual growth. 

This year has given us the opportunity to slow down and reflect on our life. What better way to end this year – spending a whole weekend fully focused on you and your needs. Giving you the opportunity to love, nourish and care for yourself in a way you may not have done in a while. 

how often do you take time out of your day to focus just on you?

Chances are, not very often at all. We rush through our day, making sure everyone else is looked after and we forget about our needs, putting off things to a later date.

Our Mummy’s Self-Care Retreat is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself and gain deep insights into who you really are, without the “mum” label and the overwhelm that can surround us each day.

Relax on the back deck soaking up the beautiful surrounds, snuggle up in the lounge with a good book and a cup of tea and get creative with our mala bead, aromatherapy and beauty product workshops,  laughing and connecting with new friends while enjoying a glass of bubbles.

Everything over the weekend is taken care of, all you have to do is relax and enjoy. 

It’s time to mother yourself and take care of yourself as well as you take care of others. 

When you look after yourself in this way, everyone benefits. It creates a beautiful ripple effect impacting everyone in your life.

So if you are feeling called to reflect on the past year by prioritising yourself and taking the space to retreat with a group of like minded women, ready to embrace the opportunities that are ready to unfold for you and immerse yourself into practices that will help you go deep into your heart and soul, then this weekend is for you!

My goal is for you to return home glowing, radiating, fully rejuvenated, empowered and connected to your inner light, passion and purpose.

so, what can I expect on the weekend?

Reconnect To Yourself

This weekend will enable you to check back in with yourself with lots of time for self-love and self-care. The last few months have been so encompassing,  you may have lost touch with yourself.

There will be plenty of time to relax and unwind from the daily pressures of life and lose yourself in the beautiful healing surrounds of Temple Retreat’s 10 acre property.

Nourishing Wholefoods

No cooking or meal prepping this weekend. You will be treated to an abundance of beautiful nourishing, healing, organic foods.

You will also have time to sit quietly in the beautiful surrounds and savour every mouthful! 

Nourishing wholefoods is the key to boundless energy, vitality and great health.

Yoga Sessions

You will enjoy two yoga sessions over the weekend and experience the bliss of restorative and soft flow yoga to help calm your nervous system.

Be supported, feel connected, release tension and experience the peace and stillness to help restore your inner balance.

Prepare for a deep journey of self-discovery to help you feel energised and connected.

Massage Treatment

Give yourself the chance to fill your own cup and really nourish yourself with a massage.

This is an opportunity to re-establish a deep sense of love and gratitude for your wonderful body.

After all, you need to be nurtured for all the incredible things you do, providing for your loved ones.

Nature Walks

Spending mindful time in nature is so beneficial for your body and soul.

We will spend time over the weekend exploring the 10 acre property of Temple Retreat using our senses to help clear our mind of all the noise and help re-balance the body.

Spending time in nature helps to reduce stress and boost the immune system.

Mala Bead Making

Get creative making your own intentional aromatherapy mala bead necklace.

Your necklace will be made to support the positive emotions that you would like to feel more of each day.

Malas are a powerful healing tools for the wearer’s spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical body.

Creative Workshops

Get creative making some beautiful and deeply nourishing self care body products that you can take home with you.  

A beautiful way to honour your body and connect back in with yourself. 

We will be making a body scrub and a beautiful mist spray so everytime you shower yourself with their goodness, it will remind you of how beautiful, strong and worthy you are.

Guided Meditations

Calm your nervous system and clear your mind with guided meditation sessions.

We will work on clearing the old negative thought patterns and stagnant energy that is no longer serving you and make way for fresh new energy to help you feel energised and revitalised.

If you have never practiced meditation before, you will gain a deeper appreciation for it’s benefits and find a practice that you can take home with you. 

Mummy Connection

This weekend is your opportunity to not only connect with yourself but to connect with other like minded mums.

Laughing with new friends around the kitchen table and sharing stories with a glass of bubbles.

Connection is so important for us as women, and now more than ever we need to connect back in with our tribe and support each other to be the best we can be.

This retreat is for you if:

You’re feeling exhausted and depleted

You’re emotionally drained from constantly meeting the needs of others and carrying their load

You suffer from mum-guilt and it holds you back from doing things for you

You’ve lost a part of you and you wish you could get some of the ‘old you’ back again

You set high standards for yourself but you feel you fall short of your own expectations

Your ‘busyness’ defines your success and you’d like  to be more centred and calm

You love to be in control but at the moment you feel a little overwhelmed and out of control 

You’re ready for a weekend  of love, self-care and transformation

Your retreat includes:

Two full days at Temple Retreat

Overnight twin share accommodation

Personal chef preparing organic wholefoods as well as all drinks 

A 45-min massage treatment 

2 x Yoga sessions

Group guided meditation sessions and a chakra balance

Crystal mala bead necklace  

Healing Sound Bath  

Organic beauty products 

Self-guided activities to help you reflect on the past year, give you the space for valuable learning  and help you bring closure to the year

Plenty of opportunities to relax, recharge, be nurtured, connect with others, or enjoy peace, quiet, and me-time.

A beautiful journal for you to record your dreams and desires 

you will leave the weekend:

With a deep authentic connection back to yourself and an awareness of your needs, passions and desires  

Feeling healthier, happier and fulfilled 

With a grateful heart and a deeper love for yourself  

Having created healthier habits and greater strength and resilience to support you long after you’ve left the retreat 

Feeling awesome in your own skin  

Feeling more balanced and having a more calm and productive mindset 

will you be joining us?

SpACES are limited so book your spot today