A 3-night luxury retreat that inspires self-exploration & allows you to bloom into the greatest expression of yourself.

Have you been putting yourself last for so long that you’ve forgotten who you are?
Perhaps you feel as though you’ve lost your own identity or struggling to reconnect with the joy in your life?

If you’re ready to rediscover and reconnect with yourself, this 3-night women’s retreat is the answer your heart has been seeking. Learn how to increase your self-worth and self-love so that you can connect more deeply to the things in life that truly matter.

19 – 22 May 2022

Gold Coast Hinterland 

The moment you step through the door of your Hinterland Retreat, you’ll feel a comforting wave of relaxation wash over you. 

You’ll pause and take a deep breath, and you’ll feel ever so grateful that you said yes and allowed yourself to be here. Instantly, your racing mind will start to calm and all you’ll be aware of is the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that welcomes you…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being truly nourished and cared for. As women, our daily lives are so often about giving to others, supporting others and making sure other people’s needs are being met.

On retreat, all you need to do is arrive. The rest is taken care for you. In a space that feels safe and homely, you have the opportunity to simply let go.

With no to-do lists and no-one else to focus on, you can relax, unwind and allow yourself to open up to new insights and experiences.

Reconnecting with yourself, to your dreams and goals, to your heart’s deepest longings, to your intuition, to your soul again, is deeply nourishing. It’s exciting. 

The fatigue that comes with the humdrum of daily life is replaced with infinite possibilities and a sense of vibrancy that you had forgotten even existed within you.

Oftentimes we can feel like we’re walking through a haze, or wading through murky waters. Days start to roll into one another like Groundhog Day. Yet with time and space, clarity starts to appear immediately. It’s simple to recall what is truly important to you. Your dreams, passions, needs and desires awaken within you again and you can see your path ahead so clearly.

When was the last time you felt the beat of your heart? Listened to the quiet whispers of your soul? Or felt that overwhelming sense of euphoria for what’s around the next corner?

This retreat is your opportunity to press pause on life for a while. When you stop and become mindful and present, you gain deep insights into who you really are, who you want to be and how you want to show up for yourself.

How would if feel to have a calm mind, free from mental clutter?

Your retreat experience will help you redefine your relationship with being ‘busy’ and help you reduce the stress and overwhelm that pervades your life. With simple tools, you’ll gain greater clarity, focus, peace and balance. You’ll be able to let things go without over analysing and know how to ground yourself before anxiety takes over.

Would you love to feel empowered so that aligning your decisions with your values comes easily? 

Your retreat experience gives you the time and space you need to explore your inner-most passions and desires. Through beautiful rituals and experiences, you will rediscover the very essence of who you are. From this place of clarity and power, you can welcome joy back into your life and return home as the best version of you.

What if you could learn the true meaning of self-love? Do you yearn to rediscover your passion and purpose outside of the roles you play at work and at home? 

Learn tools to make this a reality. Through self-reflection activities and guided meditations, you will be able to see yourself and your life in a beautiful new way. You’ll understand that filling up your own cup isn’t something that you ever need to feel guilty about. 

By the end of our few days together, you’ll return home glowing, radiating, fully rejuvenated, empowered and connected to your inner light, passion and purpose and excited for what’s to come next.



Our Hampton’s style property is the perfect place to step off the treadmill and say farewell to the pressures and responsibilities of life. This exquisite sanctuary of peace and tranquillity is nestled within nature in the Gold Coast Hinterland. 

Epitomising relaxed luxury, you have the choice of either single or twin room options, both offering opulent comfort and tranquillity for that perfect night’s sleep. The house has multiple living areas, a 16m salt water pool and plenty of space to simply rest and relax.  

A day on retreat …

Start your day on retreat with morning yoga and meditation, flowing through a heart-opening practice and diving into blissful meditation with the sounds of nature serenading you.

Feast on an abundance of organic and healing plant-based, high-vibrational dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are designed to be both deeply nourishing as well as energising and uplifting. 

Throughout your retreat, spend time in nature with a day trip to the majestic Springbrook Falls; enjoy incredible panoramic scenery as well as the option of doing a walking trail that explores waterfalls and the incredible rainforest. Enjoy a picnic at one of the scenic lookouts before heading back to retreat for an afternoon to fill as you please- read that long-awaited book by the pool or treat yourself to a hot stone massage.  

Your spare time is for you. Enjoy taking in your natural surroundings with a herbal tea or coffee on your balcony. Embrace the opportunity for self-reflection and allow yourself time and space to contemplate your needs, passions and desires and how you can consciously create the life you want to be living. 

The perfect setting to retreat away and renew your inspiration and joy. 



You often feel exhausted and depleted from your busy life

You’re emotionally drained from constantly meeting the needs of others 

 You’re craving time to simply stop and give yourself the space to just relax

You’d love some clear thinking time without being pulled in a myriad of different directions 

You feel like you’ve lost a special part of yourself and you daydream about being able to reconnect with the ‘old you.’

You love your career and you love your family but sometimes you struggle to juggle it all and feel misunderstood or unsupported

You’re ready to say yes to an opportunity of deep rest, fun and transformation

Enjoy 3 blissful days of nourishment and self care with the most incredible team to look after your every need. From yoga, swims and waterfalls, to massages and incredible meals, your retreat experience has everything you need to feel whole again.

Our guests attest to coming away feeling rested and rejuvenated with their cup full to overflowing, feeling excited and inspired to step back into their lives with renewed energy.

They return home a better version of themselves which ripples out to positively impact every single person in their lives.


As women, so much is expected of us; we are constantly under pressure to hold everything together. The last two years have asked even more of us in so many ways. 

Now is the perfect time to drop that heavy load you’ve been carrying for so long now.

This is your invitation to let go of all the responsibilities and expectations and to gift yourself a much-deserved time to rest and reflect.


3 nights accommodation in a private or twin share room 

1 hour soft flow Yoga sessions in the morning to help release stagnant energy and allow for greater radiance and vibrancy

Breakfast, lunch and dinners prepared by your own personal plant-based chef 

Day trip to Springbrook Falls with a picturesque rainforest and waterfall walk, followed by a picnic at one of the stunning scenic lookouts

A blissful 1 hour in-house hot stone massage

Fire ceremony to help you release anything no longer serving you and open space for new beginnings and opportunities to come through

Guided meditations focused on shifting old patterns and beliefs

Self-love workshop to help you deeply reconnect to yourself and everything you love and admire in you.

Afternoon crystal bowl sound bath to balance and soothe your energy systems

Beautiful connections with other like-minded, supportive women

Quiet free time for self-reflection and journaling

Unlimited access to the 16m swimming pool and retreat facilities

A beautiful journal to record your passions, dreams and desires- a place you can return to and remember who you are.










Relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated

Healthier, happier and more fulfilled 

 Motivated and  inspired for what’s to come next

Clear-minded with greater clarity and focus 

With a deep authentic connection to yourself

Knowing your cup is full and overflowing so you can give to others from the overflow rather than always giving from a half empty cup

 Feeling confident and happy in your own skin

greater strength and resilience to support you over the weeks and months to come  


Katrina is the Founder of Hart Retreats, a mindfulness teacher, health coach and she is passionate about helping women reconnect with themselves and live life with passion and intention.

Katrina spent the best part of the last 20 years working her way up the corporate ladder and achieving great success in the process. However, that success came at a price – it cost her wellbeing. Katrina was addicted to her busy career-focused life and she was losing a part of herself that she cherished. She knew she needed to find a way to slow down, to find inner fulfilment and to reconnect to the fun and happy version of herself.

At the age of 32, Katrina was diagnosed with breast cancer and so began a lifelong discovery of herself and what it meant to be healthy. Not just in the physical sense, but rather a holistic view of health, incorporating the mental, emotional and spiritual side of health too. 

However, Katrina’s diagnosis didn’t stop her pursuit of promotions and perfectionism. Add motherhood to the mix and the juggle became overwhelming. Her fear of failure and not being ‘good enough’ was almost debilitating. It led her to the point where she’d lost her identity and the sparkle for a life she once loved. 

In 2017, at the age of 40, and just before the birth of her second child, Katrina decided to train as a health and wellness coach, primarily as an opportunity to improve her overall wellbeing. That path led her to also become a mindfulness teacher. After sitting with dozens of women who were all experiencing incredible amounts of stress, overwhelm and anxiety, it became very clear that so many women were longing for a way to create a sustainable way of life, particularly after having children.

Katrina knew that she needed to create a healing and nurturing space where women could come and reconnect to what’s important to them. To have space to think about themselves and their own wellbeing so that they could effortlessly thrive in all areas of life and transform into the best version of themselves. 

In 2019, Hart Retreats was born and over the last couple of years over 250 women have joined Katrina on retreat. 

“Something beautiful happens when women come together. So much healing can happen in a short space of time, and I have witnessed incredible breakthroughs and transformations that only a retreat journey offers.

I believe it’s through stillness, and a state of being rather than doing, that we can find clarity and gain a greater understanding of who we truly are. And then, anything is possible”. 

Mollie Cox is a Marine Conservation Campaigner, Yoga Practitioner and Yoga Teacher with over 900 hours of Yoga + iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher Training behind her. 

She draws from the methods of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga, as well as teaches iRest Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama. Mollie teaches a wide demographic of bodies and minds in a trauma informed approach. She believes that there is no one way of doing anything, and reflects this in her teachings through having a million different ways to access all forms of movement. 

Mollie teaches in an open, light hearted way, while honouring the source of Yoga, and in a way that is accessible to all levels of practitioner. Her aim is to hold space for each individual and meet them wherever they are at in their own practice. She specialises in Yoga for Mental Health and has extensive experience in the mind-body connection. 

Mollie feels very privileged to be able to empower those she comes in contact with to build their own practice and their own tool kit for this wild ride we call life.

Thaly is a qualified chef with more than 8 years’ experience in various different kitchen environments. She became vegetarian in 2016, and coupled with a strong background in the fitness industry, she began studying vegetarian nutrition. This was the beginning of her journey as a vegan chef. 

Thaly uses her creativity, skills and knowledge to create beautiful plant-based meals. She has been supporting people to establish a healthy lifestyle with a focus on sustainable and ethical eating since 2017. Thaly promotes her passion for healthy food by providing cooking classes, catering retreats and workshops, and offering private chef services and ready-to-eat meals around the Gold Coast and Brisbane region.




I just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing experience. Every part of it was perfect and I left feeling so refreshed and reset. I hope you can do some more of these wonderful experiences next year as I have many friends who would love to experience it also.

– Anna

A perfect combination of guided activity and opportunity to retreat and reflect. Lessons and gifts a plenty. Thanks for reminding me how important I AM. I’ll be back again.
– Tina

I feel so nourished and empowered. Definitely recommend Katrina’s retreats. Such a gorgeous location, peaceful and serene.
Katrina really understands what’s needed and caters for it through her guided meditations, discussions and giving of space and time.
Thanks for a divine experience. x
– Meg

Affirming and empowering to live intentionally! What a lovely reset and recharge. Looking forward to the next one. Many thanks.
– Mari-Clair

I got far more from my retreat experience then I ever thought could be possible. I stopped and put my phone down. I learnt valuable skills to help calm my mind and there are so many tips that I will be taking back to my home life, just small changes that I can make on a day to day basis for me, my family and learning how to prioritise things a bit better and just to be an all round calm, more relaxed, mindful person. I’m really excited to go back and start implementing these things day to day.     

– Anna